We Let You Know About The Actual Price Of Residing in Ukraine

We Let You Know About The Actual Price Of Residing in Ukraine

Up-date 2019: This article about the cost of living in Ukraine was originally published in 2016, and as you can see by this update, things have definitely risen in prices december. The updates are marked in red.

The price of surviving in Ukraine is fairly affordable during the right time of composing this. However it’s perhaps maybe not planning to remain this method forever. If you’d like to have an opportunity to satisfy Ukrainian women and experience Ukrainian tradition at the take of a century—you’ll choose to do something fast. You never understand when things in this part of the globe might alter.

While a great amount of web web sites enable you to connect in a town to get some natural figures, it is difficult to actually get a sense of the price of residing in Ukraine before you strike the ground and discover on your own. With that said, I’ve pulled a number of the figures from my time spent in Ukraine which will offer you a great concept of exactly how much it is planning to run you. I’m Kiev that is using as example town. You are able to properly assume that just about every single other city that is ukrainian likely to be cheaper.

General Expenses of Staying In Ukraine


All the festivals along with other activities around Ukraine are very affordable. If you’d like to head to Western concerts, that’s a complete story that is different. Nonetheless, a lot of the entry charges for domestic occasions are only a handful of dollars. Films are out from the question—95% of theaters don’t show English films (or do therefore extremely seldom).

A twenty minute taxi trip is $2.

A metro ride in Kiev (anywhere in the populous town) is approximately $0.16. Yes, you read that correctly—sixteen cents.

A number of the busses could be a bit that is little, but it is unusual they’re more than $0.25.

If you wish to obtain a motor vehicle, well—that’s costly.

Enhance 2019: october

The trade rate is approximately exactly like it had been during the right period of https://mail-order-bride.net/korean-brides writing this, nevertheless the price of a metro trip has doubled.

The locals weren’t pleased about this. Yes, the purchase price went from 4 UAH (sixteen cents) to 8 UAH (thirty-two cents), however it’s nevertheless dual. If you’re just making $300/month, these plain things mount up.

The tram and coach costs additionally doubled. Before, a few of them had been 4 UAH, some had been 6 UAH. They truly are now respectively 8 UAH and 10-12 UAH often times. All depends as to how far you might be going, period of time, etc.

Kiev is also just starting to introduce the “Kiev Smart Card”, that will be a transit that is universal for the metro, busses, and trams. It works great within the metro at the time of 2019, but not all the other methods of transit actually contain the reader for them october. In these instances, you pay cash just.


An average of, that same 20 moment cab trip for $2 is probably similar to $3-5. Uber works very well right here and it is nevertheless affordable. Bolt and Uklon are other good choices. They don’t work quite aswell, but could often be cheaper. Most of all, this means Uber doesn’t have monopoly in the marketplace so that the costs are held under control.

Eating At Restaurants

In terms of eating dinner out, I’m going to provide a few real examples. I’ve also included the restaurants below.

BEEF Meat & Wine | Business Lunch

You’ve got the option of either two courses or three. Three courses had been 190 UAH, with two courses developing at 160 UAH. By having a three course meal, you’ve got a option of numerous salads (with steak), a few soups, and an entree (lasagna, marbled beef, beef and eggs, and a couple of other varieties that rotated inside and outside).

In the event that you got a two program dinner you’d get the choose of just one regarding the soups or salads.

All those dishes additionally included a range of juice, and garlic bread with butter—some associated with bread that is best I’ve ever endured during my life, become frank. Given that BEEF is amongst the top restaurants in Kiev, to be able to get a three program dinner for the rough exact carbon copy of $7 USD is a great exemplory case of how inexpensive the price of residing in Ukraine is.

Improvement October 2019:

This spot moved downhill unfortuitously.

That business that is same with three courses became 230 UAH in July of 2018, 270 UAH in springtime of 2019, and today in October of 2019, rings in at 300 UAH. Yes, it is nevertheless relatively inexpensive ($12 for eating at among the best restaurants within the town), however it does illustrate that the price of staying in Ukraine went up.

The meals aren’t of the same quality anymore either, and also you don’t get any bread that is complimentary…

Pervak | Business Lunch

Pervak the most well-known (or even the absolute most) “traditional Ukrainian” restaurants. Their business lunches can be bought in at an impressive 70 UAH. This typically includes:

Enhance October 2019:

These lunches now are normally taken for 125 UAH to 160 UAH, nevertheless the quality hasn’t fallen.

Consuming In (Food Shopping)

I’m simply likely to record a number of random, everyday things that you’ll get in the supermarkets. Remember that this can be slightly filled for residing in the guts and shopping within the big supermarkets. You’ll surely cut this cost down if you’re on a tight budget.

  • 3 pounds of ground beef—$2.75
  • 1 lb of chicken breasts—$1
  • 1 liter of alcohol—$1
  • 1kg of potatoes—$0.50
  • 1 pack of cigarettes—$1
  • Milk/butter/sour cream/ketchup/etc. —all not as much as $1

The expense of a flat in Ukraine (For Foreigners)

The expense of staying in Ukraine in terms of accommodation is obviously likely to be greater whenever you’re a foreigner.

Yes, it really is higher priced.

Yes, we have been well conscious of it.

It does not do a bit of good to criticize these alternatives (taking a look at the Ukrainian lurkers). We don’t have actually much choice unless we should invest in signing a lease that is actual. Many of us whom reside a life that is“nomadic”i.e. Everyone in Ukraine).

Generally, through the top seasons in Kiev, a foreigner should probably be prepared to spend over $1,000/month for a single bed room apartment in the exact middle of Kiev.

This will consist of all resources (water, electricity, internet), it frequently includes 1-2x per week of cleansing, and certainly will usually be achieved through a company like airbnb.

Offseason costs might take this down by almost half.

Could it be costly?

It is actually not too bad if you believe about any of it.

Realistically, if a lease is signed by you you’re likely to suffer from the effort of it. You’ll probably have actually to pay for in cash—unless you’ve got A ukrainian bank-account (a high-risk business in and of it self). Finally, you’ll have to manage the hassles of having to pay your bills.

Unless your Russian abilities are down pat, or you have a friendly translator, it is likely to be plenty of work.

(PS: If you would like learn Russian on the web, that post is just a good location to begin. )

A month from what I’ve seen, someone could realistically sign a six month or one year lease with an equal apartment to the ones mentioned above, and would probably pay somewhere around $300-$400 USD. Approximately half associated with rate that is monthly.

No policy that is get-out-after-a-month.

With no security via either bank cards or a company like AirBNB.

For temporary, it is a pretty wise solution.

Change October 2019 | Kiev Apartment Prices

This isn’t accurate anymore. Month-to-month rentals on AirBNB could be tricky to find, particularly in the seasons that are peak. Tourism is growing right here, and individuals are requiring rentals for only a couple of days or per week.

Apartment owners would fill 25 nights rather at a premium cost than have actually 31 evenings and also to provide a 30% discount. Just because it’s more work and cleansing, the cash can add up as time passes.

A pal recently paid $1,800 for a single room apartment on Khreshchatyk Street during July. It had been extremely inside that is nice but tiny. That’s the purchase price you spend if you’d like to reside in an area that is central the top season.