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Embracing the Positive Side Effects of Cannabis

Says Emily, "Having embraced my full experience with cannabis, I feel more whole and authentic than I ever have."

Embracing the Positive Side Effects of Cannabis The broad variety found among cannabis strains translates into a wide range of side effects, some of which can be positive, while others can be negative. In last week’s article, we reviewed the various ways you can go about reducing or eliminating any adverse side effects that may accompany […]

3 Ways to Keep Your Cannabis Tolerance Under Control

Women are more sensitive to the effects of cannabis and tend to develop a cannabis tolerance faster than men do.

Marijuana high in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a powerful psychoactive medicine, and when you first start using it, you may find the effects to be very strong. That said, if you use cannabis regularly, you’ll likely build up a tolerance to it. You may find over time that your cannabis just doesn’t seem as strong as […]

The Powerful Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Cannabis

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Inflammation is a symptom that’s tied to a wide range of conditions. While inflammation is your body’s natural response to infection—and is intended to fight it off and help your body heal, chronic inflammation can lead to problems of its own. In fact, some researchers believe that it’s responsible for causing and advancing the progression of […]

Learning From the Cannabis Experiences of Others Like You

Learning From the Cannabis Experiences of Others Like You

Cannabis Experiences : As a cannabis patient, it’s important to figure out what cannabis options are right for you and your symptoms. This begins with research. In last week’s article, we discussed how to find the scientific information on cannabis that applies to you. In this article, we move on from published scientific data and start […]

The Benefits of Building Up Your Cannabis Tolerance

Certain conditions such as migraines require high doses of cannabis, so having a high tolerance can be beneficial.

In the previous installment of our series for cannabis newcomers, we went over ways you can keep your cannabis tolerance in check. That said, having a high tolerance to cannabis isn’t always a bad thing. In this article, we go over the reasons why some patients actually want to have a high tolerance to marijuana as […]

What Is Delta-8 THC & What’s It Good for?

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What’s It Good for? When people talk about the effects of cannabis, they sometimes discuss the plant as if it were only made up of one chemical. In reality, each marijuana plant has hundreds of different chemicals, which include cannabinoids and terpenes. These all work together to create the effects we experience. While it’s a […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Growing Marijuana at Home

Before you start growing marijuana, research everything from which strains grow best in your climate to optimal soil pH levels.

You may have heard someone say that cannabis is just a weed. Technically, this is true—cannabis grows wild all over the country. But cultivating a high-yield, healthy marijuana plant requires persistence and education. Now that it’s legal to grow cannabis for personal use in California, let’s explore how to get started and problem-solve your cannabis […]

5 Tips to Knock Out the Negative Side Effects of Cannabis

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Negative Side Effects of Cannabis: Cannabis has an incredible amount of variety, and with that variety comes the potential for many different effects. Some of those effects are ones you’d prefer to avoid because they can turn a helpful experience into a cannabis nightmare. Luckily, we’ve got some tricks you can use that will reduce […]